Members of the Marching Illini Giving Back

Hello Professor Houser,

Last week a few of the Marching Illini members visited our Pre-K classroom at Lincoln Elementary in Monticello, IL.  We are doing a unit about music and movement and the U of I students came to demonstrate some of the songs and sounds they play with their instruments, showed us different marching movements, and talked about what it is like being in the band.  I just wanted to let you know that they did a fantastic job!  The visit was set up through a mutual connection with my student teacher, and unfortunately I did not get first and last names of the four members who visited.  I could go on and on, though, about what great examples they set for our little ones.  They captured their attention, entertained them, and spoke to them on their level.  They where wonderful representatives of the Marching Illini!  

It is a great feeling to know that with all that these college students have going on in their busy schedules, they took time to visit us in the middle of their day.  It makes us feel special.  You and your band are doing great things!  

Warm Wishes,

Small Wonders Pre-K, Lincoln Elementary School, Monticello, Illinois