Student Staff Workshop Schedule


For those of you checking into Temporary Housing for the weekend, before Sunday Move-In:

  • Housing is available at Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall for University of Illinois students only until 8:00am on Sunday, August 19th, 2018. Only shared rooms are available. The charge per night is $40 (meals are not included in this rate). Housing will be charged to student accounts.
  • The doors will be locked when you arrive.  Please call the desk from the call box to be buzzed in
  • Please let the desk staff know that you are a member of the Marching Illini
  • If you arrive prior to Friday, August 17 your student account will be charged $40 per additional night
  • You must be checked out of your room by 8am on Sunday, August 19th
  • If you have any questions, please call (217) 333-1766 or e-mail [email protected] and ask for Summer Guest Housing. If you have a Fall contract with University Housing, you can check into your Fall residence hall after 8:00am on Sunday, August 19th. For more information please visit:

11:00 AM  Uniform, Instrument, Locker, eFlip Check Out | Uniform and Properties Room

12:00 PM  Lunch | Harding Band Building 141

  • Lunch provided – Jimmy Johns

12:30 PM  Graduate Students, Drum Majors, Section Leaders & UGStaff | Harding Band Building 141

  • Welcome, Introductions and Goals for the Workshop

1:45 PM  Break

2:00 PM  Leadership Session | Harding Band Building 141

3:30 PM  THE SYSTEM and Music Rehearsal Techniques | Harding Band Building

4:45 PM  Break – depart for dinner

5:00 PM  Dinner | Papa Del’s Pizza Factory on Neil Street

6:30 PM  THE SYSTEM and Visual Rehearsal Techniques | Marching Illini Practice Field

8:30 PM  Huddle and Student Staff Dismissed!


7:30 AM  Grad & Teaching Staff, Drum Majors, Section Leaders & UGStaff Report | Meet at the Harding Band Building

  • Dress comfortably and be sure you have tennis shoes, sunscreen, hat if you would like

7:40 AM  Depart for the University of Illinois 4-H Memorial Camp – Challenge Course and High Adventure Activities

12:00 PM Leadership Session Concludes

  • Depart for the Harding Band Building and Lunch

12:30 PM  Lunch | Harding Band Building 141

  • Lunch provided – Jimmy Johns

1:00 PM  Set-up for Preseason Registration | Armory and Harding Band Building 141

2:30 PM  Music & Visual Rehearsal and Rehearsal Techniques | Harding Band Building 141

3:30 PM  Memorization Tests for all Student Staff | Harding Band Building 141


6:00 PM  Dinner at the Housers


8:30 AM  Report to the Harding Band Building for Final Meeting

  • Attire for the day: Khaki Shorts, 2017 MI Polo tucked in, belt, tennis shoes
  • Move to your assigned check in assignments and prepare for MI Preseason Camp 2018 Check In

9:00 AM  Official Marching Illini Preseason Camp 2018 Check In Begins