Be sure to enroll in the academic course associated with this ensemble, MUSC 489. All members must enroll, even if you are enrolled in MI.

Our first rehearsal will take place next Tuesday, August 31 at 7pm in HBB 141 and will conclude at 7:50pm sharp. Masks and bell covers will be required. We have a few extras, but if you have your gaiter from MI or last season, please plan to bring it to all rehearsals/matches. Our first game is September 3 with a 7:15PM call. It will be a quick turn-around.

Be sure to join the Volleyball Band Remind by texting @fivbband to 81010.

Lastly, the schedule for the season is below. If you anticipate a conflict, please arrange for a sub and then let me know who that is ASAP.


Date                Opponent                                           Call                 Notes

09.03               vs. Washington                                   7:15 PM

09.25               vs Northwestern                                 TBD                 Stuff Huff

10.03               vs Iowa                                                TBD                 IWS/WO/HSB Concerts

10.06               vs Minnesota                                      7:15 PM          Staff & Faculty Appreciation

10.13               vs Indiana                                            TBD                 Hoe-Down in Huff

10.23               vs Ohio State                                      TBD                 Pink Match

11.04               vs Michigan                                         7:15 PM          80s Night

11.06               vs Michigan State                               TBD                 90s Night

11.12               vs Penn State                                     TBD                 Military Appreciation

11.14               vs Rutgers                                          TBD

11.21               vs Northwestern                                 TBD                 Senior Day

12.2-4              First & Second Rounds                      TBD

12.10-11          Regionals                                            TBD

12.16               Semifinals                                                                   Columbus, OH

12.18               Championship                                                             Columbus, OH


Perfect attendance is considered the norm.  Members should make the necessary arrangements to be at all required functions. Serious illness, mental health, death in the family, marriage in the immediate family, religious obligations, academic responsibilities, and career interviews are the ONLY excused absences. An excused absence does not affect an individual’s grade. Excused absence requests must be sent at least a week in advance to Dr. Messina. 

In the event of an excused absence, it is your responsibility to find a sub to cover your part and arrange for access to the music. Subs must also attend the rehearsal prior to the planned performance. 


1. All members of the Fighting Illini Volleyball Band must be registered for Music 479 for the Fall semester.  You will not be permitted to participate without registering for this class.

2.  Grading is based on attendance, performance, and attitude during all Volleyball Band events.

3.  Two unexcused absences from rehearsals will result in the lowering of one letter grade (B).

4.  Three unexcused absences from rehearsals will result in the lowering of two letter grades (C).

5.  Four unexcused absences from rehearsals will be considered a lack of interest in the band and result in dismissal from the organization and a failing grade (F).

6.  An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a grade reduction of two letters. 

7.  Three tardies (up to 15 minutes late) from regular rehearsals are equal to one unexcused absence.  Each additional tardy is another unexcused absence.

8. Excessive excused absences from rehearsals or performances may result in dismissal from the band, pending a decision by Dr. Messina.


First Name Last Name Instrument
Ellie Pierzina Piccolo | Flute
Avery Ahrendt Piccolo | Flute
Vita Chaturvedula Clarinet
Clara Galbraith Clarinet
Conrad Milton Alto Saxophone
Abbie Simpson Alto Saxophone
Jake Tedeschi Tenor Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Molly Podraza Trumpet
Carl Wolff Trumpet
Lauren Schissler Trumpet
Ryan Berry Trumpet
Thomas DeMouy Trumpet
Hannah Scalise Trumpet
Andrew Stengel Trombone
Jimmy Rodriguez Trombone
Evan Timmerman Trombone
Ben Kossack Trombone
George Espinoza Trombone
Stephanie Sieban Baritone
Phillip Murphy Sousaphone
Coby Krolick Sousaphone
Will Briolat Sousaphone
Peter Gutknecht Drum Set